CDO of the Year: the important award that will hopefully disappear

On October 24th in Brussels, I will be attending a first in Belgium: the election of the CDO of the Year Award.

I have been asked to join the jury for this election of the CDO of the Year and I was glad to do so, for many reasons. First of all: because the importance of the role of CDO has so far not been highlighted enough. The CDO is probably as important to the organization as the CFO. While the CFO watches over the financial health of the company, the CDO will ensure the company is fit to perform in the digital economy. Both roles are equally critical and they are both involved with all other departments in order to achieve their company-wide objectives.

While the CDO should be considered a crucial role in any organization today, I sincerely hope that there will beno CDO’s left 10 or 15 years from now... Why? You can find out in the LinkedIn blog I wrote about it.