Customer loyalty goes beyond loyalty cards

Ivy Vanderheyden

Nowadays we often talk about ‘customer experience’. This means that, throughout his relationship with a company, a customer must always have the same positive experience - whether he is buying a new product or contacting the company about a problem. With regard to advertisements, this means that companies must avoid bombarding the customer with advertisements. Instead, it is better to deliver the right message at the right place at the right time. read more

Streaming data Analytics: Taking Internet of Things to the next level

Mathias Coopmans

Connected objects are everywhere. And we are not just talking consumer devices like smartphones or smart home appliances. Many business are investing in connectivity as well: sensors are being installed, monitors and warnings are implemented, all contributing to what is called the Internet of Things, in short: IoT. IoT is mostly used for sensing and communication purposes: objects provide data over the internet, and can automatically react to certain pre-defined actions. This can significantly speed up processes and increase productivity. read more

The changing world of insurance: upselling, challenges and the customer view

Albert Derasse

For most businesses, selling to existing customers is the most cost-effective way to achieve sustainable growth. This is particularly true for insurers, as their business models rely on renewal premiums for revenue. And insurance companies that have combined or bundled different policies together have seen their retention rates increase significantly. Experience shows that a customer holding two policies with the same company is much more likely to be loyal and renew than a customer holding a single policy. read more

Approachable analytics: one size doesn’t fit all

Editorial Team

With the current digitizing of all industries, data gathering and data analyses are very much top-of-mind. Consequently, having data analytics within easy reach of everyone is also gaining in importance. There are 3 good reasons why approachable analytics is back on the map: organizations want more insights, want to shorten the time to value and embrace the self-service approach. read more

Data Olympics and the profitability of data investments

Guest blogger

Continuous but small improvements are inherent to all sport disciplines. Every now and then an athlete sharpens the world record by a millisecond or a centimeter because of tremendous effort and a huge portion of luck. But from time to time, there is a quantum leap like the crouch start or the Fosbury Flop. A new technique comes along that completely outpaces the old one and shatters all previous records by a large margin.

Data analytics is such a quantum leap in business. read more

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