Struggling with Big Data in the Stone Age

Guest blogger

Did you know cavemen were already dealing with big data issues?
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Luxembourg Analytics Summit 2017 coming up

Editorial Team

Following the success of last year - over 100 visitors! - Luxembourg will host the second edition of the Analytics Summit. The place to be for everyone who is interested in the topics big data, analytics, machine learning, GDPR, BI, etc.
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Meet the world’s first official cyborg

Editorial Team

Have you ever heard of Neil Harbisson? You should. Not because he is an excellent football player, or because he has sold out stadium concerts worldwide, not even because he has won an Emmy or Oscar. No, simply because he is the first person ever to have been officially acknowledged as a cyborg. He is pictured on his UK Passport with the antenna above his head because - so he argues - it has become a part of his body. read more

GDPR a blessing for our companies?

Editorial Team

Interview with Kalliopi Spyridaki, chief privacy strategist at SAS Europe
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Finding buyers’ stories and voices in the data

Mathias Coopmans

IoT is still at a relatively early stage of product adoption. Most of those using IoT devices are ‘early adopters’ if not ‘innovators’. IoT applications that have caught on in a bigger way, are successful because they meet a real need among consumers. read more

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