Finding buyers’ stories and voices in the data

Mathias Coopmans

IoT is still at a relatively early stage of product adoption. Most of those using IoT devices are ‘early adopters’ if not ‘innovators’. IoT applications that have caught on in a bigger way, are successful because they meet a real need among consumers. read more

Boost your corporate analytics: The rise of the citizen data scientist

Natan Meekers

Are you one of those businesses struggling to hire the talented data scientists needed to manipulate corporate data for insights? Well, I have good news for you! It no longer should!

read more

Piercing the Internet of Things hype: a reality check

Mathias Coopmans

By 2020, there will be – according to forecasts from Cisco – 50 billion connected devices. Gartner makes a more ‘modest’ estimation of 26 billion devices. And as for the value of the Internet of Things (IoT) market, by 2025 it is predicted to grow to USD6.1 trillion (McKinsey) or even USD7.1 trillion (IDC)!
These forecasts for the IoT market are almost as impressive as the huge data flows themselves, but are they realistic too? read more

Why are you not yet prepared for GDPR?

Guest blogger

It can hardly have escaped your attention: in May 2018 the new regulation on data privacy (GDPR) will become effective for all companies working within EU countries. Research shows that 10 months after the official adoption of the regulation and the directive by the European Union, the majority of IT and business professionals state that they are not, or do not know whether their company is prepared for GDPR. With a little more than one year to go, it is about time to raise awareness about the fact that companies need to treat personal data differently. read more

Customer loyalty goes beyond loyalty cards

Ivy Vanderheyden

Nowadays we often talk about ‘customer experience’. This means that, throughout his relationship with a company, a customer must always have the same positive experience - whether he is buying a new product or contacting the company about a problem. With regard to advertisements, this means that companies must avoid bombarding the customer with advertisements. Instead, it is better to deliver the right message at the right place at the right time. read more

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