Sciensano supports worldwide reuse of scientific research data about public health

Scientific research is crucial for our public health, and that's why Sciensano wanted to centralise all data in a warehouse, called They decided to use SAS technology to safely collect, store and share the data.

Sciensano is the former 'Wetenschappelijke Instituut Volksgezondheid' (Scientific Institute of Public Health). The warehouse was part of the e-Health 2013-2018 action plan. Data need to be stored extremely secure, which is important for both patients and researchers. Those researchers themselves preferred SAS technology.

Johan Van Bussel, coordinator of Healthdata at Sciensano: “SAS is ideal for standardizing data collection, and storage processes, and making the information available to users for further analysis”.

Not only researchers of Sciensano can now work in a standardized way, but also other researchers use these data in various projects. Those projects can then be linked together. For example, combining data from the cancer register and the social security data warehouse can help researchers to answer questions about reintegration in the labour market after cancer treatment.

By now, Sciensano has more than 250 projects that want to make use of the new infrastructure.

Discover here how the SAS data warehouse of Sciensano helps improving scientific research about public health.