Meet the world’s first official cyborg

Have you ever heard of Neil Harbisson? You should. Not because he is an excellent football player, or because he has sold out stadium concerts worldwide, not even because he has won an Emmy or Oscar. No, simply because he is the first person ever to have been officially acknowledged as a cyborg. He is pictured on his UK Passport with the antenna above his head because - so he argues - it has become a part of his body.

Neil Harbisson has been gradually transforming into a cyborg since 2003, when he started wearing an antenna which transformed colours into sounds for him. This enabled him to distinguish colors, a true gift for someone with a condition that reduced the colors of his world to dull shades of grey.

Nowadays he can not only distinguish colors by means of sounds, he can also communicate with a select group of people (one of them being Ruby Wax) by just using his body, or more precisely: the implants he’s had inserted in the last decade. “I don’t use technology, I don’t wear technology, I AM technology”, so Neil says.

Would you like to hear (and see) him talk about how he perceives Amy Winehouse as red and pink (not black, as one would expect)? Or find out why he got injured in Barcelona? And - last but not least - are you curious what he is doing with all these digitally collected and processed data?

Don’t hesitate then, and register for the SAS Forum in Brussels on June 12th 2017. Our keynote speaker is just one of the many reasons to join us. Find out what more we have in store for you.