Daikin improves margins using analytics powered supply chain forecasting

Microsoft Excel has its limits, and Daikin had run into them managing their complex supply chain. Limited room for consolidation and an error prone workflow prompted the company to look for a better way. With SAS, they found a new workflow that feels familiar but is far more powerful.

Daikin, being a multinational specialized in HVAC solutions, has offices and employees all over the world. These local offices used to make their own forecasts about supply and demand in their region. Supply chain management was built on these predictions, but there was no way to easily consolidate, adapt or correct them.

SAS offered Daikin an easy to use solution spanning the entire worldwide business. Using SAS, analytics complement local office’s predictions, which enables far more accurate supply chain management. By comparing manual forecasts and automated predictions by analytics algorithms with reality, both the algorithms and the employees can learn and improve their forecasting capabilities.

Discover here how analytics helps Daikin to get the right products in the right location in time, in a cost-effective way.