Big data: benefit or burden? [video]

Big data holds a massive amount of opportunities, which lots of companies, organizations and governments are already exploring. Big data is no longer an "opportunity", it is our daily reality. Even though some might be afraid of big data or don't know where to start (burden), the benefits are overwhelming.

In this video from the business IT website Computable Joeri Arts, business development manager at SAS, talks about how big the impact of big data on our daily lives is. And he gives us a glimp of what our future will look like...

Some additional insights from Joeri Arts:

Big data is everywhere. Think about a visit to the cinema. The worst that can happen during a film, is that suddenly it stops because the lamp in the projector is broken. This is prevented by putting sensors in the lamps. These indicate when is the right time to replace the lamp. Not too fast - since the lamp is the most expensive element in the projector - but not too lte either, to prevent it from breaking down. As a spectator you have no idea that this is happening behind the screens of the cinema.

Also in other industries and departments data analytics are very valuable. Marketing can get to know its customers to offer them the exact right product. But also production units make use of data. If you can optimize the production process with 2%, this can have a huge impact at the end of the ride. Or if you can better predict the market's demand and this way need to store less stock, you can work much more cost-efficient. Not the most sexy examples, but with a huge impact!