Baloise leverages analytics to power its decision making process with Anabel

Baloise Insurance is unlocking the full potential of its data with the Analytics for Belgium (Anabel)-project. The insurance company was faced with a large amount of valuable but of unstructured and unconnected data, that wasn’t shared within the organization. Data gathering was complex, and business analysts from different departments seemed to draw different conclusions depending on the data they had access to.

In response to these challenges, Baloise set up a group-wide data warehouse and analytics solution, together with SAS. The consolidation and connection of available data from all the business units allowed the company to really start looking at the value it can provide. “Data isn’t a goal in itself; it’s a way to make better decisions”, Marc De Coninck, Director of Finance Transformation at Baloise Insurance shares.

The SAS Insurance Analytics Architecture proved a perfect match for the needs of Baloise. Employees are now able to leverage the data they had in house all along. New insights allow Baloise to acquire new clients, retain good customers and reduce claims.

Discover here how SAS helps Baloise provide greater customer value and generate more profit.