Why Master Data Management matters: a case study

Master Data Management is still a relatively young discipline, but it has already proven its worth in various environments, including in Belgium.

One case in particular illustrates perfectly why MDM can make a huge difference for any organization using a large amount of data. It involves a Brussels-based public service which understood the importance of data quality for their master data in order to ensure the accuracy of its budget and financial reporting. The MDM solution had to fulfill four business needs.

  1. Enable a rapid quality control of reference data such as statistical and geographical data and accounting codes.
  2. Provide a universally accessible tool that could document the technical and operating rules with a glossary that could be understood by everyone.
  3. Facilitate data migration from a source system to a target system while performing quality control during the migration phase, in order to ensure the quality in the target system.
  4. Provide a dashboard that enables continuous monitoring of the upstream data quality.

One year after selecting SAS to take up this important task, 3 out of 4 objectives have already been reached. Read here to find out which one is still ont their to do list, why they have selected SAS, and more interesting facts.