The devils are in the data

The Red Devils are everywhere these days: on the front page of the newspapers, on the billboards in the streets, on almost all products in the supermarket ... BUT also in the data!

Many companies in Belgium have noticed strange behavior in their data that can be attributed to the games of the Red Devils at the European Football Championship in France. Already in the first game against Italy there was a “Devil’s effect” visible in the graphs of the water company TMVW. They noticed that during the break there was an increase of 50% in the water consumption. The same pattern was visible at the end of the game. Apparently many supporters had to flush the defeat.

During the next game against Ireland, EDF Luminus saw a decrease of 20% in the use of gaz. Probably people went out to celebrate the victory instead of cooking at home.

The most “shocking” effect happened when Nainggolan scored in the 84th minute against Sweden as The Royal Observatory in Ukkel then recorded a peak in seismic activity. From the data recorded on a spectrogram it is clear to see that fans jumping up and down caused a mini-earthquake!


Orange noticed that the numerous goals in the game against Hungary increased the number of messages that have been sent with mobile phones.
After the goals of Batshuayi (0-2) and Hazard (0-3) the amount of sent gigabytes was four times the regular amount.

I wonder which devils patterns will pop up during Belgium – Wales…