Social security fraud inspectors more efficient, more motivated and more interactive thanks to datamining

When it comes to fighting social security fraud, the battle seems a little unfair. The FPS Social Security staff charged with inspections counts no more than 244 people, who are tasked with inspecting nearly 250.000 employers. A frustrating job, which is made even more complex because of the boundless creativity of the fraudsters.

Fortunately, the right technology can make a huge difference in this never-ending battle. More specifically the datamining technology offered by SAS has made the search for fraudsters much more efficient, by automating the predictive models, improving the responsiveness and better prioritizing the alert levels and risk profiles.

Additionally, the inspectors’ working conditions have become more interesting. They can define their own models, and exchange information more easily, which has led to a more enthusiastic approach and more motivated inspectors.

Read here how all this has led to a.o. an improvement in detection rate from 16% to over 50%.