Share our fitness data with our health insurer? Why not!

In the US, some health insurance companies are rewarding their customers for sharing their fitness tracker data. Over here, such initiatives meet more criticism and skepticism from privacy groups. But all things considered, this a win-win for all parties.

When we share our fitness activity, insurers know what risk level we belong to, better than based on criteria such as age, gender or location. Insurers can therefore propose a contribution which is more suited to our personal situation. We can cause our contribution fees to drop by leading a healthier lifestyle. And while doing so, we will also decrease the number of disease cases for the insurer as well. A win-win-win, we could call this, providing the right legal framework and a full transparency of what happens with our data.

Read more on the advantages and pitfalls of sharing our fitness data with our health insurers on this opinion page (in Dutch) that Mark Lambrecht wrote for Data News.