SAS and Vlerick extend and enhance joint research around forecasting.

Partnerships and improving our ecosystem are extremely important to SAS. And our partnership with Vlerick Business School, the Prime Foundation Partnership, ranks between the most outstanding. More than enough reason to extend and enhance this collaboration.

The partnership between SAS and Vlerick is mostly focused on research around forecasting, an important aspect of supply chain management. This has generated useful results, such as the forecasting maturity assessment tool. This - to our knowledge - unique tool enables companies to determine to what extent they apply best practices in forecasting, and to identify opportunities for improving their forecasting processes. 

In this next stage of the partnership, both of our organizations will also focus on the impact of human judgement on forecasting. Does size (of the modifications) matter? Do we get better forecasting accuracy if forecasters have to justify their adjustments? What is the impact of a forecaster’s experience or cognitive style? These questions and more will be thoroughly investigated by the Vlerick Forecasting Research Centre, which proves to be an excellent example of co-creation. Read more here.