Industry 4.0: Beaulieu ready for the digital industrial revolution

Beaulieu, a renowned industrial group working in floor coverings, is getting ready for the next industrial revolution: industry 4.0. With the help of data and analytic they will optimize uptime and thus profitability.


In this Kanaal Z documentary Frans Van Giel, CTO at Beaulieu, explains how the time has come to do something with the massive amounts of data they have at their disposal. With SAS analytics they are now integrating all data processed throughout the company: process, production, quality, sensors measuring the health of the production tools, etc. 

Jeroen Van Godtsenhoven, Managing Director at SAS: "A production line can seldom be producing for 100% of the time, because it needs maintenance, parametrization, etc. By digitalizing this line, lots of these processes can either happen virtually, or they can be anticipated. By optimizing data usage, uptime of the production line can drastically increase." 

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