How to treat a cancer patient? Let the computer guide you!

AI can make an impact in many industries, but in the health industry it can mean the difference between life and death. Here’s why oncologists and other experts should rely on machines when performing diagnoses and deciding on therapies.

Medical experts are, more often than not, skeptical on the capabilities of machines when it comers to diagnosing patients. But when you use AI (artificial intelligence) for what it does best, it can become a valuable and complementary tool for these specialists. Machines are better than any human in storing huge amounts of data and comparing relevant data sets. When fed enough data, they become better in detecting tumors than any human. This frees up specialists’ time for human interaction and interpretation of the data.

Read more in this article (in Dutch) that Mark Lambrecht wrote for Bloovi on other advantages and on the importance of ‘data donation’ in this context.