How Electrabel GDF Suez increases sales efficiency with data visualization

Electrabel, subsidiary of GDF Suez, is one of Belgium’s main energy corporations. Every family needs energy and obviously Electrabel has a large customer base.

A huge challenge for Electrabel was to stabilize their market position in the energy market. That’s why it was essential to gain more insight into the behavior of customers and prospects. Such data analytics would not only help them solidify their market position, it would also be of great use in their exploration of new digital channels and their development of new energy-related services.

To achieve these goals, Electrabel decided to enable their sales and marketing teams to approach existing and potential customers in a more precisely targeted manner, thanks to data visualization! 
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 to learn how exactly Electrabel is using data visualization to handle huge amounts of data from different sources, create 1 single point of view, offer fast and flexible reporting and ultimately increase operational efficiency.