How Axalta Coating Systems transforms big data into valuable data

Axalta Coating Systems is 1 of the 5 largest coating companies in the world. Their database includes 400,000 colors, categorized into 4,500 stock keeping units.

To respond to market demand for such a wide variety of products, they have to plan in the best possible way. Axalta Coating Systems needs a thorough knowledge and understanding of the available market information. They combine data from 25 to 30 different data sources, which is quite the challenge! 

To combine all these data and to convert it into actionable information, they use SAS Visual Analytics and SAS Forecast Studio. This solution allows Axalta to combine internal and external data, make it accessible for all users and use it to proactively meet customer demand. Read the full article to understand how SAS helps Axalta to evolve from an enterprise-centric to a customer centric organization.