Football: experience the heat (map)

With the next qualifying games approaching for our Red Devils, the entire country is heating up again. Football fever is gradually rising, which reminds me of the previous World Championship in Rio, when football was really hot. Even I was following the World Cup with more than average attention in those days. Not only for the athletic football players but also because we were spoiled with interesting statistics and appealing visualizations.

A visualization that was very popular last summer was the heat map. I think it was the first time that a graphical representation method with scientific origins was so widely used in popular culture. Take a look at the heat map of the match between Germany and Brasil in this blog and you’ll immediately understand how one single picture can summarize a 90 minutes game: the Germans were literally all over the place and the Brasil team hardly seemed to move.

Insights like this can also be used for more business-oriented purposes. Pricing of tickets for events, analysis of loan data: these are but a few examples of how heat maps can help in getting an accurate insight and making better decisions.

Experience the heat and read the full blog here