Creating Chances: giving immigrants a real chance to start a new life

Who hasn’t heard stories of immigrants working below their potential in the country in which they found a new home? While at the same time organizations in the Western world are in desperate need of high potentials that can train in very specific skills, like the mix of business & analytics.

With SAS we want to do something about this, and provide high potential immigrants with better chances in the job market. With SAS Creates Chances they have set up a training program for 10 educated immigrants with a non-EU background and highly motivated for a job in IT. The program offers a SAS certificate that proves you master the basics of SAS software, a very valuable skill for job openings in the field of data analytics, which is booming right now.

On their Facebook page, SAS shares the stories of these high potentials. Jean Giscard (38) from Rwanda: ”I think this is a great tool to get a positive reaction from businesses and our future working environment." Watch the video to see what he has to say about the SAS training program and what it means to him.

‘SAS Creates Chances’ is an ongoing cross-departmental initiative at SAS Belux that consists of six projects supporting a number of good causes. Aiming to go beyond their core business of providing top quality software, SAS wants to stimulate employees to get socially engaged and to support people who need an extra push to reach their maximum potential.