Artificial intelligence contributes to a better world. Really!

If you haven’t heard of any example of how Artificial Intelligence (AI in short) will change the shape of our world, you have probably been living on Mars, way before Elon Musk ever will. Each day lately, we have been flooded with predictions from around the world on which revolutionary new applications will change our lives forever. Meanwhile, our lives are actually improving already, thanks to some famous and some less known AI-powered initiatives.

Starting close to home: our federal government, and consequently the entire Belgian community, has had several extra billions to spend. Thanks to AI indeed: SAS’ intelligent AI engine has enabled an unprecedented efficiency in fighting tax fraud, with a considerable increase of the available budget as a result. In the corporate world, we can proudly mention industry giant Solvay, who have reduced their CO2 emission significantly, if only because they don’t need to throw away an entire batch when one single product has failed the quality check.

Beyond our borders, we wouldn’t even know where to start: how our viewing behavior has changed drastically by relying on Netflix’ intelligent suggestions; how some car insurances have become dramatically cheaper for some drivers, because they are based on their driving behavior; how self-driving cars have proved to be safer drivers than the average human: they are just a few examples of our lives changing as we speak.

And mark our words: this is just the beginning of a new revolution, that will impact our lives more deeply than any revolution ever before. But, in order for this revolution to succeed, in order to fully realize AI’s potential to improve our lives, we must rely on the quality and reliability of the available data. Even the most powerful and sophisticated AI engine will not be able to generate one single satisfactory result without a reliable and robust data platform to start from.

At SAS, we feel privileged that we can provide our customers with both technologies: to gather and improve the quality of data on the one hand, and to provide the required intelligence to search these data for valuable insights on the other. In both areas we are market leader and - more importantly - a strategic partner for many renowned private and public organizations. Artificial intelligence does really contribute to a better world and we are glad to be a part of this exciting story.