AI and machine learning for all to see

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The democratization of analytics is apparent when you consider who is involved these days. SAS has been doing statistical analysis for 40 years (without the aid of big data in the early days) and had algorithms for machine learning in its portfolio long before it became a buzzword. In the early years, we spoke with specialists, but lately, we have been working directly with the departments for which the data is relevant.

People are often surprised at what machine learning is already able to do. AIVA (artificial intelligence virtual artist) generates works of classical music by way of algorithms, the app Replika copies the behavioral patterns of a friend, and the Kelly Burger robot cooks up hamburger patties, recognizes when they are done, and even develops new recipes.

In the B2B segment, applications are found across industries and fields: customer segmentation, fraud detection, risk analysis, predicting employee attrition, and cybersecurity are just a few examples. (...)

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